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22 year old jersey lesbian who knows so much about herself and yet knows nothing. talk to me, tell me anything and you might find i'm your new best friend. or just come here to read. if you like what you see then you do and thanks ^_^ if you don't you read it anyway didn't you? :) The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is probably my favorite book and also, ✔Verified Little Mons†er. Just saying.

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-btw. this is what i look like now guys :) no recent photo…here ya go ^_^
-i found this like a week ago, it’s from last summer when i worked at the camp…it was one of my cuter, more ‘cool’ outfits (cool meaning temperature smarties xP) and while looking through my pictures a week or two ago i saw this picture and had a moment of ‘wow, i am adorable sometimes!’ lol it’s nice to feel pretty every now and then and i think i look damn cute! ^_^ just thought i’d post and mention how i miss my hair and such :D enjoy<3
-i know it’s late, but in honor of the end of pride month, awesome picture of me something like 2 years ago in Washington D.C. under a rainbow umbrella. walking barefoot in the rain at the (near) center of all national legislature under a globally recognized umbrella symbol for homosexuality (excuse the pun ^_^)…..i think that’s a win :D
-new picture of me from when i went the toys r us with my sister to buy her ‘wife’ an anniversary gift…i wanted to bring this liddo guy home with me. he’s an FAO Schwarz and i am in love with him…wanna buy him for me? click on the picture :P it’s my new “portrait photo” ^_^ enjoy<3
-burned my fucking fingers on a hot metal tea kettle…like a dumb ass….so i’ve got burn gel and bandaids on them…and they fucking hurt…ouch ha this is not fair! lol
-yes :)

-yes :)

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-my icon pic for today<3 lol for now at least, cuz i found this cool effect thing and it was awesome ^_^ so ha hope you enjoy…

-my icon pic for today<3 lol for now at least, cuz i found this cool effect thing and it was awesome ^_^ so ha hope you enjoy…

-cuz we’re cute ha <3

-on the night of my dinner date with this girl. she&#8217;s my ex, but sometimes steps in as a best friend and just when i need her too ha this was like a week ago, but i finally got the pics on my computer ha plus i&#8217;m cute xP
-vintage cute? &lt;3

-vintage cute? <3

-this is a pic of me, taken many months ago on the night of my &#8220;biffle date&#8221; with my bestsistermamaloverfriend/wife/soul mate, my ex, and my best&#8217;s ex&#8230;.the night i stole my bowling shoes&lt;3 buzzed bowling and being overly affectionate with two of my best girls=major winning&#8230;loved that night ^_^
-new icon pic&#8230;what&#8217;s the verdict followers?