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22 year old jersey lesbian who knows so much about herself and yet knows nothing. talk to me, tell me anything and you might find i'm your new best friend. or just come here to read. if you like what you see then you do and thanks ^_^ if you don't you read it anyway didn't you? :) The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is probably my favorite book and also, ✔Verified Little Mons†er. Just saying.

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-i came home today from work and my mother came to find me….only to tell me that my poor little ham, Gypsy, had kicked the metaphorical bucket. the late chunky butt was just sadly laying there at the bottom of her cage as though she’d just fallen asleep and forgotten to wake up. it was so sad looking…really. i felt a little queasy when i was told too. this is the first pet that i’ve had, that was mine alone, to die….the only other stuff i’ve seen die are frogs, fish, birds, snails, crabs…..damn..that is a longer list than i remember…but anyway…this one is fuzzy and cuddly and loveable in a totally different way :/ i’m currently on a quest to find an appropriately sized shoebox so that when my sister gets home we can bury deceased little fuzz and have a small ‘service’…i hope she’s off to a better place now…like an animal heaven…i feel like one should exist…where she can climb and chew on stuff and not fall and eat and drink whenever and whatever she wants. cheers to you my furry friend. RIP Gypsy 07.27.12</3